Hóll is a versatile venue perfect for a wide range of occasions. The spacious house covers an impressive 650 square meters and boasts exemplary facilities. It offers two adaptable areas suitable for banquet halls or event spaces. The generous dining room can easily transform, with the option to shift furniture to create more room for a seated party. Additionally, you have the flexibility to add an extra table to expand the dining area. The Shed (Party Hall), a 75 square meter space, provides endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to configure the layout to suit any event and accommodate everyone’s needs.


Hóll serves as a perfect setting for a charming countryside wedding. The venue offers the flexibility to tailor every detail to your unique preferences. In June 2023, the first wedding was hosted following recent modifications, and it was an incredibly successful and memorable event.

Here’s a heartfelt testimonial from Eiríka Ösp, who celebrated her special day at Hóll. You can explore captivating photographs from her wedding below.

Of all the decisions we made for our wedding, having it at Hóll was by far the best one. What a gem of a venue!

We rented it from Thursday to Sunday, which made the weekend of the wedding extra special; Our guests had an opportunity to spend quality time together and get to know each other. From waking up in the morning to a buzzing kitchen with loved ones cooking breakfast together, sitting on the deck drinking coffee in the sun overlooking the stunning fjord, to the hikes together in the beautiful nature right at our doorstep, the cookouts in the evenings, the games on the porch to the beautiful evenings in the pool – I couldn’t think of a better way to bring loved ones together to create beautiful memories. Everybody pitched in on the wedding preparations and played a big role in our special day, which was so precious to us. The location at the bottom of the fjord is amazing; far away enough from town to have privacy, yet close enough to have anything close by that you might need. Working with Gulli and his team was a delight. Their eagerness to work with us to make the day unforgettable was absolutely invaluable to us and it was great to feel supported by them in that way. The quality at Hóll is evident in every nook and cranny. They hold themselves to high standards and they have anything you might need for a comfortable stay while entertaining.

We are still at a loss for words to describe how magical our wedding weekend was at Hóll, it was an absolute dream. To be able to have the ceremony, the dinner and the reception all in the same spot was amazing. And the best thing about it is that nobody had to travel – doesn’t get more convenient. Even the photoshoot in the breathtaking landscape was only a stone’s throw away from Hóll. The ceremony was in the pool courtyard, the dinner in the dining hall and the reception in the barn, although we utilized the outdoor spaces just as much during the reception until the end of the night. The festivities ended with relaxation in the pool looking at the sunset and sunrise. The ocean completely still, the mountains veiled in a golden glow and the birds singing. I cannot imagine a more beautiful place to celebrate love than Hóll in Siglufjörður.